Facts and myths about antiperspirants and the aluminum salts they contain

Facts and myths about antiperspirants and the aluminum salts they contain

Sep 3, 2021

Aluminum salts are one of the most effective ingredients in antiperspirants. Very often it is difficult to distinguish between them and deodorants. While the deodorant has the task of masking the unpleasant smell of sweat, antiperspirants control the sweating process itself.

How does this work?

In order for the antiperspirant to have an effect, it contains aluminum salts, the so-called aluminum chlorohydrate. They have an important function – to reduce the secretion of sweat from the sweat glands by forming small “plugs” of overactive pores. The “plugs” are on the surface and are gradually removed by rubbing the skin and regenerating it. The products with aluminum salts also act as a barrier for bacteria, which helps to eliminate the odor.

Are they dangerous for thermoregulation?

The thermoregulation of the body is not disturbed by antiperspirant sprays, because the sweat glands in the area under the arms are only 1% of all sweat glands throughout the body. Effective products block only the overactive glands and thus do not affect the overall temperature regulation of the body.

How does aluminum enter the body?

Most people take between 30-50 mg of aluminum daily with food and water. It passes through the body and is excreted naturally. By applying salt-containing products under the arms, the body absorbs only 0.012% of 1 mg of aluminum salts. The desire to avoid the use of the third most common chemical element in the world by avoiding antiperspirants does not prevent the body from continuing to absorb aluminum through food, water and air, and in much more serious quantities.

Is there a connection between aluminum salts and Alzheimer’s?

In the 1960s, the great search for the culprit for Alzheimer’s disease began in the United States. More than 5 million elderly people have been affected by the disease, so a “responsible” need to be found quickly. Then American scientists decided that antiperspirants affect the brain by depositing aluminum in the gray matter. This claim has existed in the United States for many years, until it was debunked by scientific evidence. According to an official statement from the Alzheimer’s Organization in the United States, there is no proven interaction between aluminum salts in antiperspirants and the disease, and the articles, causing panic, are based on an old and debunked legend.

Is it true that aluminum salts cause cancer?

The paranoia that deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer is also not from yesterday in the yellow press and online publications. It started with a chain mail ten years ago, which spreads unproven claims that antiperspirant ingredients are deposited in the lymph nodes located in the armpits and cause cancer. Of course, there is no scientific evidence for these claims in the emails, but the noise and panic is gripping millions of people. In fact, despite hard work, laboratory tests, and published scientific papers by the American and European Cancer Agencies, no direct relationship has been found between the two. The chairman of the Mayo Clinic’s oncology department answered another frightened question about the effect of aluminum salts on cancer: “Everyone is excited about deodorants and their composition, but no one stops smoking.”

According to a number of prestigious publications and institutions, such as the American Health Organization, the American Cancer Organization, the Scientific Committee for the Safety of Cosmetic Products of the European Union, there is no link between cancer and the content of aluminum salts in deodorants.

The pursuit of a cleaner life has captivated many modern urban people, but it is extremely important to make a clear distinction between knowledge with scientifically proven facts and paranoia, fake news and final judgments based on personal opinions in forums and sites with questionable content.

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