What is a chicken thorn?

What is a chicken thorn?

Sep 11, 2021

Everyone has ever had calluses caused by uncomfortable shoes. And although chicken pox belongs to the group of corns, it is actually a type of wart caused by one of the types of human papilloma virus. It most often appears on the fingers and toes or on the surface of the heels, and can very rarely affect other parts of the body.

How and why does it appear?

Human skin is covered with a multilayered squamous epithelium – epidermis, whose main function is protection. The cells of the surface layer of the epidermis form a horny substance called keratin. It protects the body from the entry of harmful substances. If your shoes cause prolonged discomfort, this can cause a part of the epidermis to sink in and irritate this area of skin, and the causative virus causes this skin to grow. The accumulated horny layer begins to look like a yellowish thorn stuck in the foot. The pressure on it when stepping is extremely painful because it pushes it even deeper. The feet are subjected to constant pressure from the weight of the body and friction in the hard surface of the shoes, so they most often suffer from chicken pox.

How to recognize it?

Chicken pox is a type of wart, a growth. In most cases, it is the size of a pea. In appearance it looks like a calloused yellowish formation, and in its center there is a small dotted spot. In hardness and color it resembles the legs of a hen, whence its name.

How to remove chicken pox?

Early treatment of the problem is extremely important, while chicken pox is relatively small. Over time, it can enlarge and even spread to several “foci”, making treatment difficult and slow.

The most commonly used method of destroying chicken pox is cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. The surface of the chicken thorn is abraded, with the aim of reaching the base of the thorns. Therefore, several (3-4) procedures are most often needed. Many patients complain of recurrence in the same areas due to insufficient deep treatment and “cutting” of the entire area.

Another popular method of treatment is patches. There are many types, most of which contain the same active substances but in low concentrations. The purpose of the patches is, like liquid nitrogen, to burn the chicken thorn to the root.

Of course, on the Internet you can find countless “grandmother’s recipes” for the treatment and removal of chicken pox, but many of them are either a happy coincidence or with unproven benefits. You can find tips for compresses with oil, vinegar, potatoes, onions, but we advise you to leave these products in the kitchen and trust the modern medical cosmetics with clinically proven action.

The product of biotrade – KERATOLIN FOOT Exfoliating and Softening Gel for corns is a dermatological solution to the problem of chicken pox. The special gel for removing calluses, hardened skin and chicken pox effectively removes thickened skin, as well as accumulated dead horny cells after 7-10 days of use.